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 No but really, I am working on sex magic Gojyo and Hakkai part 2. I have been trying to exercise discipline lately and am crawling along, forcing myself to write a little almost every day. And it is working, kind of. I have a couple few thousand words of fragments and chunks that are almost connected.

There's Nii being creepy, and The Life of the Incubus when he's not fucking the life out of someone, and Gojyo stuff and....you know. A spurious, nascent plot even. (Also maybe angry friendship handjobs with Sanzo cause I feel the bad friends vibe something fierce right now.)

I don't know if sharing a snippet will make me write more or be more dedicated, or if it will deflate what I have managed to do so far.

Also, I would like to note that my downtime at work is perfect for all of the creativeness. Work from home, check. All work stuff already accomplished, check. Second and third shift dead most of the time, check! 

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 So I finally have a couple days off from work, and it's like...I can't settle into doing anything creative for myself. Which is dumb on account of there are so many things I could do!!! I'll admit all this is at least partly prompted by me finishing watching Black Butler (season 1) and feeling crushed in a glorious way. I'm putting off diving into that fandom; I'm trying to decide whether or now I want to also read the manga or just go with the anime as 'good enough' of a grasp on the characters.

I get this horrible feeling somtimes that I'm moving further and further away from where I want to be, writing-wise. It's almost an out-of-body experience, or like I'm watching someone else do the writing. I used to feel so much more....a part of the whole process, if you know what I mean. I'd have an idea, lose myself in it, and come out the other side eventually. I'd feel very ME in process. But now it's like who is doing the work? Because it's uncomfortably not me. (Not that there's much wrting happening, hahahha.)

Also, I am having a massive failure to come up with anything like an original idea. I want to write things, but what? It's like...someday I'd like to do a big original work, but I have no characters and, even if I did, I never have a real clear grasp on plot. I'll have an inkling, maybe, and then it just goes poof and all of a sudden my characters are standing around in a kitchen for the rest of eternity. (I geniunely feel terrible about all the characters standing around, stuck in my WIPs, waiting for the sun to explode. They're real enough, at least when I think about them. They've got their own lives that I'm standing in the way of.)

I gave up sweets for lentt, but maybe I should have made myself do writing things instead. -_- 

~some other day
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 What's this? A totally shamessly gratuitous Saiyuki PWP? Don't mind if I do!

Read it on AO3 (assuming that me getting a crash error on there right now is a fluke. Every website I've tried to work on today has failed catastrophically--I still haven't gotten my Slacker Radio stuff up again.)
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 So it has been absolutely yonks since I've been on here or posted or...you know, done anything that isn't strictly me working IRL.

But I had a thought last night, a fic-type thought, and like a loose tooth you can't help wiggling at, I worked on it. It's small, but it's something!

I am lazy, so here is the link to AO3!

Partial Shade to Full Sun


Dec. 12th, 2016 12:43 am
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So it is really beyond when I should be sleeping, and of course that makes it the perfect time to agonize over life. Crushing anxiety? Check. Churning stomach? Check. Looking at the clock every ten seconds and recalculating just how long I have until I have to be at work? Check.

It's no wonder I'd rather look at cute cats on the internet than try to sleep. My coping skills are total crap. -_-

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So you know that thing where you have a bunch of in progress (read: kind of stalled) projects, and then a new, shiny idea grabs you? But then you start to feel guilty about the other projects and the new, shiny idea gets bogged down by the weight of What Isn't Done Yet....yeah. That feeling, right there.

I was tootling around just a wee bit with more Saiyuki in Space, and then I was suddenly grabbed by Rozenkreuz in the future (not necessarily in space, but I'm pretty sure if there were a galaxy to be conquered from the shadows, they'd wanna do it.) And I want to do more of it, but I keep getting derailed by guilt and doubt and general self-confidence exhaustion.

I would really like to finish more things than I start, you know?

Also, fuckin' a would I like to have more natural talent with drawing. It'd be nice to be able to squeeze things out like that instead, once in a while, instead of trying to strangle words into the shape of the pictures I imagine in my head. (Seriously. When I do the thing, I end up with little cinematic clips that I then labor to translate into words, and I don't know if it's just me struggling extra, but it's hard, yo. I'm not saying it should be easy, but....a little less hard would be nice!)

Maybe sharing snippets is better than trying for a finished something? 
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Just wanted to pop in to say yes, I am alive. Also, I am trying to make creative efforts again, which have resulted in three pages of glorious, long-handed Reiji/Schuldig hate secksings, ala The Mighty Koala. As soon as I get it typed, I'll see about sharing it. (Maybe later this evening? I'm trying to make small goals and actually stick to them.)

So to recap, I am doing fine with my new job, new digs, etc. I did not end up homeless, even a little. I am trying to adult and am sometimes succeeding at it. ^_^

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Oh Hippo,
where did you go?
First you were here
so cute and so near
your usb
was perfect for me
but now you're gone
and I can't write that I can't find you because gone rhymes with lawn...

Tragedy! I have lost my hippo-shaped usb which had all my fics-in-progress on it. I have an older backup, but all my new stuff is currently in the abyss! ;_; I will keep searching, but I just wanted to share the sadness. I should move on and show that hippo that no one misses it, but I'm feeling tragic and woe is me. XD

(On another, more positive and related note, I have had the inklings of an idea of a Saiyuki fic! Goku-centric, no less; he's not my go-to character, but I like what I've cooked up. Maybe I'll have something shareable later in the week!)

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Not dead, just started a new job. I don't actually work for fight club, but I really can't talk about what I do cause thems the rules. XD
Suffice it to say I really do like my new job. Full time is amazing! Company health insurance is amazing! Work being done when I leave the premises is amazing!

And now, I am going to catch up with the battle fics! :-)

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I'm actively working towards the end of Other Fruits now.

It's the first time in a while that I've sat down to write, and it really hasn't gotten less intimidating. However, I really feel less bogged down by the things I've previously written or planned for this story. I did a re-read just to remind myself what, exactly, has happened in the story, and I was a little surprised by some of the moods I found there. (Surprised but pleased, really.)

I will admit to losing some bits and pieces that I'd already written. -_- Six USB drives and five computers while trying to snatch a few minutes at a keyboard has made some things disappear. You may be pleased to know that I did not lose the second truckers!saiyuki that I'd started.

Alas! The commute approacheth!

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Welcome to the newly renovated master index of the fanfiction I've written! (It's a modest collection at best. ^_^ ) Here you will find a no-frills listing of all the fanfiction I have on livejournal as well as a link to (and descriptions of) the stories that are stored on my AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account. I beg indulgence for the length of this list, though I've shortened it artificially with cuts. Two if by Sea can be found in the Saiyuki section.


Saiyuki Stories )

Weiss Kreuz

Weiss Stories )

Things on AO3

Archive of Our Own Stories )

Phew! I'm going to work hard to keep this caught up, but I'm going to keep this index current...if only for my sanity. XD If something isn't working correctly on it, please let me know! I'll do my best to error-check, of course, but I am, unfortunately, the human in human error. (I'm probably going to be tweaking this for some time to come...) ~later
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RL's been doing me up the butt lately, and I haven't been doing much in the way of writing. I want to do stuff and things. I really, really do.

[livejournal.com profile] indelicateink, these ones are for you!

Thanks so much for hosting the Valentine's challenge--lots of fabulous ideas there!  (How did I end up twigging onto all your things as writeable?!?)

Here's my little box of assorted writing chocolates. They're discounted and slightly battered, but they're still made of deliciousness, I hope. (I didn't even make it to the love bits! There were love bits and romantic bits and sexy bits and everything, but I just...didn't get there. Sigh.)

Bonbon #1: Attorney!Sanzo wishes his secretary would stop flirting with his scummy clients.

Attorneys, doing attorney things. )


Bonbon #2 : Sci-fi Weiss; Omi keeps Nagi from crushing Neo-Tokyo with his amazing powers

Neo-Tokyo is for suckers. )


Bonbon #3: Yohji is expensive; Crawford despairs.

Crawford's bank account must be phenomenal to support Yohji. )


Bonbon #4 (this one's my very own): Omi discovers Nagi's secret and feels ridiculous about all the wasted effort. (In SPAAAACCE!)


I've been sitting on these, hoping to get the chance to do more, but sharing is better than sitting, don't you agree? ^_^


tiny fill

Dec. 15th, 2014 11:25 pm
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...I'm a dummy for not putting this under a cut before.

Tiny fill: cross-dressing, UST, and all the goodies )
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I'm not a big TV person these days: I don't follow a lot of shows, and I don't feel compelled to rewatch a lot either.

But! I love Korean historical dramas!

I'm watching "Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire" right now, and it is fabulous! Drama! Costumes! Royal people to like! Royal people to despise! Intrigues galore! And little bits about Korean ceramics circa the 1500s. Plus, I instantly recognized the lead protagonist from another excellent drama as the headliner in this one. ('painter of the wind', anyone? ;) )

Every time I watch a show like this, it makes me want to learn the language, just so I can watch it without the subtitles. XD

Unrelated: I am (slowly) working on more trucker and hooker fic! Maybe I'll have something to tantalize you with in a few days?

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Life goes on, no? I truthfully haven't felt much like writing lately and, when I did, I couldn't convince myself that writing is more important than the fifty billion other things I have going on.

Case in point: I just spent every spare hour I had over the past five weeks working on a baby quilt for one of my best friends, who will be having a baby this December. Did I love the quilt? Yes. Did it makes a roomful of women ooh and ahh when it was unwrapped? Yes it did. However, it took me over forty hours just to piece together the top. I literally lost count of how long it took me to make the whole thing. (That'll teach me to try a fancy new-to-me pattern!)

All that being said, I'm itching to do...something. There's this story, see, one that I've been tinkering with all summer. Maybe it's time to share? Only... it's kind of not done, and I feel terrible posting WIPs because then the finishing gets so dragged out. But I kind of maybe need opinions about it?

Also, I am thinking about letting off steam with more trucker!Hakkai and hooker!Gojyo. Any takers?

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I might be doing some tentacles in a story. And maybe I might be getting stuck thinking about tentacle biology instead of writing crazy tentacle sexings.

(plus there's the part where I spent forever looking up alternative words for tentacle because it's not a regular tentacle, oh no. I had to go and equip the character in question with a fancy one!)


Ahem. Anyway.

Tentacles: your thoughts?

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Okay! This is the end of the story (at long last. The two-year gap has struck again! XD)

The rest of the story, summary, and warnings found here, on the master fic list. If you haven't read the rest of it, do it before you read the end, yeah? XD


Where There Are No Roads Chapter 10 )


I am on metaphorical fire lately!


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So I'm finishing up the Kanan reboot fic, and I know where it's ending and everything. But.....

I am super tempted to do just a wee bit more so that I can rewrite the Chin Yisou confrontation. Come on, how cool would that be! Thoughts include... Sanzo being the one with the life sucking seed. (Kanan shoots him with his own gun to save him. She's so badass.) Also, she fake chokes Gojyo, who doesn't think it's fake at all (it doesn't feel fake! And the betrayal hurts even worse.)

Anyway. If wishes and buts are candy and nuts....

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Work is insane right now. I'm totally booked this week with various paid and unpaid work related stuff.

Therefore, I am spending all my spare time writing to de-stress and take me as far away from work as possible.

Up next: the final chapter of Where There Are No Roads. I sneakily dl'd the story so far off AO3, and have reread it on my tablet. I just have a few ideas to polish up for the final scenes, and then it'll be done!

(do you ever look back at your creative works and get pleasantly surprised, finding that you actually like something? It's a very nice feeling!)

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